CODA SA has a well-organized and effective sales department which serves Attica, Thessaloniki, North and Central Greece as well as the Aegean islands. The Company’s salesmen visit on a daily basis the shops of their customers in order to provide them with a friendly, fast and direct service. The salesmen also serve the Company’s co-operative Distributor’s in their regions. Hence, the network additionally includes 31 distributors, who cover the overall Greek market, in particular the mainland Greece, Crete and other islands.

CODA SA has a customer service department that operates daily, offering high quality services to its customers, in order to provide a full and direct response to the customers’ needs. Orders are executed immediately, the next day.

Products (more than 197 items) are distributed by CODA’ S privately owned trucks, which ensure quick and flexible delivery all over Attica, North and Central Greece. All other customers receive a direct delivery service through the Company’s Distributors or through co-operative transportation companies.

Sales and Distribution Network